Tinman (Diamond Coated)

Tinman (Diamond Coated)

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Titanium? Yes. Diamond?? Yes.

Introducing the Tinman. We decided to take a little old school and mix it with a little new school, then coat it in diamonds.

Loosely based on the shape of the classic Hitman from yoyojam, but totally modernized in every way. Titanium body, performance level weight distribution, flow groove pads and 10-ball bearing.... and did we mention, diamonds?

The coating is made from microscopic diamond. This isn't DLC or other "diamond-like" coatings, but actual diamond. It's low friction, very tough, and very pretty. We spared no expense to make this happen and you really have to hold it to understand how cool it feels. It's unlike anything every used on a yo-yo.

Material - 6al4v Titanium

Coating - Diamond

Diameter - 54mm

Width - 41.81mm

Weight - 66.6g