Death Robot Mg (Battle Damaged)

Death Robot Mg (Battle Damaged)

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With every war there are casualties. The ranks of the Death Robots were not untouched and this is your chance to take advantage of their failure.

These are yo-yos that did not make it through assembly without blemishes. They function exactly the same, just aren't as perfectly pretty. The flaws are purely cosmetic and range from -very- minor smudges to significant scuffs/scrapes.

Since most people will want to play these yo-yos hard anyway, this is your chance to snag one at a crazy discounted price (over 55% off) and not have to worry about damaging such an incredible piece. 


The images show TYPICAL damage, not all of them are the same and I make no guarantees about numbers or what exact damage yours will have. They have been assembled and tested to ensure that only cosmetic flaws exist but past that no further inspection will be done.